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Spraying Machine

  • Compact-design, light weight, space-saving and easy to move inside the plant.
  • It can be used for individual applications and also as a supporting unit for Paint Circulation System (PCS)
  • Easy color changing and cleaning.
  • Internationally accepted components.
  • Suitable for mixing paints and solvents using pneumatic components.
  • Easy visibility of remaining paint and replenishing.
  • Wide range of applications like painting/coating of Metallic products, Plastic products, Woodwork, Machinery, Automotive components etc.
  • Spray guns with latest and proven Japanese technology.
  • Spray guns to suit the different applications like size of the work piece, amount or area to be paint.
  • Spray guns with selected nozzle orifice with paint viscosity, small and medium nozzle orifice (Ø0.8 to Ø1.8mm) for low paint viscosity and large nozzle orifice (Ø2 to Ø2.5mm) for high paint viscosity.

Painting Automation System

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